About Engage Christian Church

Ministry Scripture

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us. 1 Thessalonians 2:8


Reclaiming lives, Restoring families, Transforming communities.

Reclaiming lives:

We see lives being changed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is our vision to communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus so that people may choose to experience a life of hope and a relationship with God.

Restoring families:

In a day and time where the value and fabric of the family structure has eroded, we see God using the ministry of Engage to restore families. That means we hold dearly our responsibility to nurture our children, enrich parents, strengthen marriages, and cultivate an environment for healthy relationships all together.  We are serious about families growing and having fun together.

Transforming communities:

We envision God using changed lives and strong families to add value in communities around us. Engage will equip and release people to return to their communities to represent the transforming presence and power of Jesus.


Engaging God, His Family, His Mission.

Core Values

  • Reliance on God
  • Reaching the Unchurched
  • Life Together
  • Giving Our Best
  • Serving our Community


Worship - ENGAGE GOD:
God has given us the ministry of reconciliation; restoring fellowship with Him and mankind. Therefore, the goal of our worship gatherings is to position people to engage God personally through corporate worship, expositional preaching/teaching, and encouragement from one another. We will prayerfully prepare and execute every element of our worship experience so that no matter where people are in life, they can experience a personal encounter with the life transforming presence of our God.

Points of Engagement: Corporate Worship, Special Events, & Corporate Prayer Meeting

Since spiritual maturity does not happen in isolation, we will lead people into frequent fellowship with the family of God. Our goal is to help people experience Biblical community. Engage community groups will be intentional about having fun together, enhancing biblical literacy, practicing spiritual disciplines, developing spiritual gifts, and serving one another through life’s issues and transitions.

Points of Engagement: Life Groups, Ministry Teams, & Leadership Development

We will obediently engage Christ’s mission by communicating and demonstrating the good news where we live and work. We will make the Gospel visible in our community through our generosity, and by the lives we live among our neighbors. Our goal is to expand the Kingdom of God and add value to our immediate community.

Points of Engagement: Relationships, Prayer Walks, Community Partnerships, Outreach, & Mission Giving.